Friday Five: Music I’m Into Right Now

For this week’s Friday Five, here are 5 songs I’m loving at the moment.
1.Carrie and Miranda (if you need last names to know who they are, I’m not sure we can be friends) debuted a new duet at the Billboard awards.  I didn’t see it, but then they released a preview of it.  I’m LOVING it.  Can’t wait for Miranda’s new album June 3! Check out “Something Bad”
2. I’m loving Ariana Grande’s new song “Problem”.  It’s catchy, and that whisper chorus is fun.
3. This isn’t “new” but I’m still loving it.  Two of the Pentatonix guys have a web show/group called “Superfruit.”  And they did a mashup of the new Beyonce album.  It’s amazing.
4. I can’t really put up a clip of the entire song (because there isn’t one), but Hanson’s new EP is awesome.  I’m LOVING a song called White Collar Crime.  A fan filmed some stuff at the MOE concert…and it’s a long clip…but if you have time, take a listen and see how awesome Hanson is now. 🙂  (My fave song starts at :20)
5. This is a song I found on Radio Disney, and I just can’t quit listening to it.  It’s “Move” by Little Mix. Totally dance-able.
What’s your favorite of the moment?  I’d love to find some new stuff so please share!

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