Friday Five: My Crazy Week

This week was an odd one.  It rained a lot, I got a migraine, and Tyler had a guy here for work.
But I managed to save you some highlights.
1. I cleaned out the photos on my phone and my cameras.  I feel liberated. 
2. I’m goal setting.  I set the goal to do Jillian (I have 2 different DVDs and some Youtube playlists so I can switch it up) at least 3 times a week for the rest of May and June.  That’s 7 weeks.  I’m earning a massage at my favorite place in town if I complete that. I got my three in this week!

3. Tyler sold our 4 wheeler (since he bought the golf cart, we didn’t need both).  The guy that was buying it and him were about $200 off while negotiating.  Tyler settled with him.  The guy does competition BBQ and threw in some ribs and brisket along with his money. SOLD.  So now we have TONS of BBQ in the fridge.  I’m gonna chop and freeze most of the brisket for now.

4. I’m about to show you my weight. Gulp.  Who cares what the scale says, right?  Well, I started over on April 24.  I have lost 7.6 pounds since then (3 weeks).  I would LOVE to hit 10 pounds in a month.  That means I gotta lose 2 (really, 1.8) pounds before we leave for NYC next week.  Whether or not I hit that 10 pound mark, I’m making progress! Holla!

5. It’s Hanson Day weekend in Tulsa….so be prepared next week for several recap posts and pictures!)
Have a GREAT weekend.  Be blessed, fraaands!


  1. Always scary to put your weight out there – but you are doing great and headed in the right direction! And yummy on the BBQ. Co-worker is working on his smoking skills and brought me a rib today – so good!

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