Friday Five: My Week’s Highs

Friday Five: My Week’s Highs

It’s been a good week.  It went by quickly (yay…because I have a massage after work and I don’t want the day to drag on!), some good things happened, and the weather hasn’t been 1000000 degrees.

Here are 5 fun things from this week:

1. I got my hair colored last night.  I went darker with a caramel ombre.  I’m so fancy.


2. I’ve ordered several Christmas gifts this week.  I love shopping year-round and stacking gifts in the guest room closet.  It helps me get things when they are on sale, or when I think “so and so would love that!” I buy it.  That way I don’t forget about it.

3. I also ordered some GREAT deals online for fall work clothes from J. Crew Factory Store.  However, I’m still drooling over this necklace, if anyone out there wants to send it to me, I wouldn’t be mad. 🙂


I also think my wardrobe needs this gingham scarf.



4. I’m considering our Vegas vacation completely booked.  At Tyler’s request, we don’t have every day fully planned (while I prefer that, he likes the flexibility), but everything we are pre-booking is pre-booked.  I finished booking the last things yesterday (one last show and admission to the Mob Museum).  Countdown is 57 days.

5. I’m enjoying the Whole30.  Today is Day 12.  I’m holding strong.  Several timelines online say yesterday and today might be the hardest…but I’m hanging in there.  I am craving some crunch from chips or something…but I’ll make it. 🙂  It’s encouraging to see the scale drop every time I get on it.

One of my saving graces this week was this cauliflower breakfast casserole.  It’s creamy (something you miss a lot because of no dairy.  Thank goodness for coconut milk!), savory, and better than choking down eggs for breakfast.


So yay for Friday!  Tell me, on vacation, are you a plan-the-whole-day person?  Or more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person?  Any fun weekend plans?


  1. Oh, that gingham scarf is a huge YES. And I am nottttttt a vacation planner person. I mean, I plan to GO on vacation. I book the resort and the plane tickets and the transportation. But I don’t even begin to plan what I’ll do once I actually get there. Then again, that could be because the only trips I go on are to beaches. I’ve never planned a trip to a city or something where there would be some other agenda besides laying in the sun. 🙂 So who knows, really!

    • Yeah…we don’t really do beaches now because my husband doesn’t love it. I could literally plan down to reservations for each night…but I have to use restraint. The only time I planned every second was our 52 hour trip to NYC over a 3 day weekend. That had to be microplanned to get everything important in.

      Girl…I GOTTA HAVE that gingham scarf! I wonder if Walmart or Target has one cheaper? I’ll be on the hunt.

  2. I don’t know what veggies you like to snack on, but two that I’ve found give that satisfying chip-like crunch are bell peppers and radishes. And I don’t know if salt is Whole30-approved, but one of my favorite afternoon snacks is sliced radishes with salt sprinkled on top. Omnomnom.

    • I’ve been doing carrots crinkle cut into “Chips” with some guac…but radishes might be good, too! I’ll have to get some this weekend. Thanks for the idea, Molly!

  3. I Christmas shop like that too! 🙂

  4. Beets are really good as chips too!

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