Friday Five: Nostalgia

Friday Five: Nostalgia

Earlier this week when we heard of Robin Williams’ death, Tyler and I started talking about his movies from our childhoods that we loved.  Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Jumanji, Hook….so many classics.

Sadly, we didn’t own ANY of these movies to watch at home this week (which I’ll be remedying from Amazon soon!)…but it got me looking at my DVD collection for some old favorites that we DO own.

So today for Friday Five, I wanted to share five movies from my childhood that I love (and need to own on DVD so I can happily watch them over and over, Amen.).

I wanted a seal for a pet SO BAD after watching this movie. It makes me laugh, cry, and need to snuggle with a fur baby.  I especially love the scene where the seal dances.

Fievel Goes West
Classic musical.  You just can’t beat a tiny mouse singing “Somewhere out there…”

Brave Little Toaster
How can an appliance be so inspirational?  Aside from the one scary scene in the repair shop, I adore everything about this movie.

Homeward Bound
Who doesn’t love talking animals?  I needed Sassy the cat to be my bestie, and I wanted a golden retriever because they are so dang loyal. And that scene where (SPOILER ALERT!) they come over the hill to home and find their people?  So sweet.

The Little Rascals
I know this is a remake of a classic, but I love it so much.  I could probably quote most of this today if I watched it.  I still sing “I got a dollar. I got a dollar.  I got a dollar hey hey hey hey.”

What movies from your childhood give you the warm fuzzy feeling?


  1. Your last three are some of my favorites, along with “Monkey Trouble”, it made me want a pet monkey!

  2. I LOVE Andre!!! We own it too! 🙂 And Homeward Bound-such classics!

  3. “man, you sure know how to make a saand-wich.” “that ain’t sand, that’s kitty litter.” LOL man, i used to watch the little rascals non-stop. i can’t believe i don’t have that one.

    and homeward bound makes me ugly cry. so sad, sweet and a definitely favorite.

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