Friday Five: Things You NEED to Know

Friday Five: Things You NEED to Know

Ok kids, here are five things you need to know on this Friday.

1. I got my hair done. (ok, so you didn’t NEED to know that…but I wanted you to know).


I went in wanting it shorter (I can’t stand my hair below my shoulders)…and I wanted it colored. I pretty much let my stylist decide what we were doing.  We did caramel blonde balayage with thicker highlights up front, and she used a blush toner on it for more of a warm/reddish color in the highlights.

2. You love your emoji keyboard, right?  Well, you need Riffsy.  Riffsy is a GIF keyboard, so you can easily send fun gifs to friends. It’s easy to install and boom, you’re sending all the gifs you want. Currently, this is my fave gif to send.

MRW it's my third time looking in the fridge and i finally see something i like - Imgur

3. The Last Five Years movie comes out today.  It’s a musical (which was off-Broadway) where you follow two people through their love story. He tells it forwards, and she tells it backwards.  The music and story are BEAUTIFUL.  Even if you aren’t a musical nerd like me, you would love it.  It isn’t releasing nationwide (boo) but you can download it on iTunes or watch it On Demand. It comes out today. (Bonus: Anna Kendrick- who doesn’t love her!? and the beautiful Jeremy Jordan).


4. I’ve been buying designer jeans on eBay…and I have a sickness for it now.  I’m 4 pairs in (Kut from the Kloth, Wit & Wisdom, and NYDJ).  I’ve only paid like $20 for each pair…and most are new with tags.  Seriously.  Go to eBay and look for jeans. Just find a brand you like and enter that brand and your size.  Read the descriptions so you know what you’re buying. These CUTE NYDJ emerald skinny ankle pants on en route to me…just in time for Spring!


5. Today is Starbuck’s is hosting the World’s Largest Starbucks Date…and there are drink/snack pairings for $5.  It’s from 2 pm to close. You can choose from these offerings:

  • Caffé Verona® Coffee Press for Two and a Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie
  • Tall Flat White and Chocolate Croissant
  • Grande Raspberry Mocha or Grande White Chocolate Mocha and Heart Cookie

They aren’t paying me to tell you about it…I am just pumped about going with some friends at work…and you should go too! I read online they were going to be playing special playlists and have a photo booth too. Fun stuff!




What do you have going on this Friday, friends?


  1. Man I wish I lived closer than an hour and a half from a Starbucks. I would so be there. Starbucks is my favorite! I actually just went to the gas station and bought one of those cold Starbucks drinks you can get anywhere. It just isn’t the same and a brownie would be awesome about right now.

  2. I love Riffsy!!! I use it all the time!!!! Also, thanks for the info about The Last Five Years! Hoping I can get my hands on a copy!!!!!!

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