Friday Five: Things That are Making Me Happy

Friday Five: Things That are Making Me Happy

1. Cows are back in our back yard.  This is the view from our kitchen. I love that the dogs have things to adventure with in the backyard now (instead of getting around the front of the house and the road and the neighbors) and I just like the cows back there.  They make me feel like we really live in the country. The only thing that would be better was if they had babies.  Baby calves are MY FAVORITE. 

2. The last Divergent movie, Allegiant, is out tonight. We have a dinner date with some friends tonight, but it’s early…so we may be able to catch it after dinner tonight.  If not, we will be seeing it this weekend at some point.

3. There’s a new Chinese food place locally (its in the old Irish Maid place on Towson, local friends) that we ate last night.  I haven’t loved cooking and eating what I’ve cooked lately…so takeout is great. They have AMAZING short ribs. So good.

4. I got a promotion at work this week. We also announced our pregnancy this week. So you could say I’m having the best week ever.

5. My sweet friend Paige sent me flowers at work this week.  They are carnations, which I had mentioned to Paige that I loved- which was so thoughtful! She was so encouraging to me in this new momma journey. A great reminder that sweet thoughtful things aren’t hard and I should do more of them.

So there are 5 happies in my week this week.  What’s making you happy right now?


  1. Those last two happies are making me happy! Congrats on your promotion! And of course.. BABY! I am so excited. >:)

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