Friday Five: What’s Up This Week

Friday Five: What’s Up This Week

I think we are settling into our new routine. While it’s nice for Tyler to be working similar hours as me, his days are different for the most part (we only overlap two days of the week) so there is some adjusting still.  His days off are mid week for me, so he wants to do stuff those nights…which make for long crazy days for me.  But it’s easier for me to be tired than him.  So we are figuring it out.  But I hadn’t been home except to sleep pretty much from last Thursday until Wednesday.  I skipped church to come home and clean and just chill a little. I needed that for my mental sake.

While we are adjusting, there are lots of good things going on.

1. Our hummingbirds have returned.  They are a highlight in my Spring and Summer life.  For real. Last year we went to two feeders so we could increase our birds and have to refill a little less.  Crazy fact: they returned a year to the day as last year (thanks, Timehop!)

2. Monday night we were celebrating Tyler’s grandpa’s 83rd birthday. He is such a hoot.  He loves sweets, so we brought him a cookie sandwich for his gift…and he ate it- after his dinner and dessert! ha!

3. We played games over at Grandpa’s.  It’s one of my favorite things we do together.  I got in on some marbles action later in the evening.  We won, duh.

4. A coworker took Chick-fil-a orders this morning…and I got my Diet Lemonade to start my Friday off right….and she remembered that I like it without ice.  So thoughtful and perfect!

5. Our office loves to eat.  It’s bad for the diet but great for community building.  This week we had snow cones to celebrate tax day and pizza to celebrate some promotions.  And let me say Pizza Hut has stepped up their pizza game.  The honey sriracha drizzle is awesome….and there’s a ginger boom boom crust finisher that’s awesome too.  Next time you need to order pizza check it out.  #notanad #justtasty


  1. I know there are hummingbirds around my backyard again, but they haven’t stopped by my feeders yet! I did hear them buzzing about the other day… I hope they start eating soon! I love them so.

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