Friday Five: This Week’s Gems

Taking a cue from my camp buddy Elizabeth, here are 5 awesome things from this week.

1. I stumbled onto this Youtube channel.  It is called 90sHanson.  Enough said.  I feel like a 5th grade girl all over again. THESE are the boys I fell in love with.  I still love them today, but we have both evolved. These videos are what caught my heart back in 1997.

2. Movie Lounge is showing Les Mis this weekend. Which means me and my bestie Alden will be eating gourmet food while watching Anne Hathaway cut her hair off Saturday night. We have both seen it already, but we love musicals. So this is a duh. Hello girls night out.

3. I’m doing a March photo of the day from a Facebook group I’m a part of. Yesterday’s topic was #proud. I posted this photo of my inner thigh gap. ha! I have NEVER seen sunlight through my thunder thighs until like the last week. It isn’t much, but “Let the sun shine in!” I’m #proud of that little result of the hard work I’m putting in!

4. My friend Shaina will hate that I posted this…but it is a blessing I have to share. Our praise team at church did a WONDERFUL song. Click this link and then listen to “He still saves” You WILL be blessed.

5.  My college roomie and sweet friend, Rachael, is in Cambodia teaching
English and teaching about the Lord.  She is in need of a few more sponsors (either one time gifts, or monthly givers).  Check out her recent blog post about her ministry and consider giving.  Even if you could give just $10, I know it would make a difference across the world! 

Rachael is in the pinkish shirt in the middle on the second row (5th from the left)

I have the most fun weekend planned with my best friend visiting.  I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend too! 🙂  Happy Friday!


  1. Britt, have a wonderful time with your bestie this weekend!

    I love your thigh gap! Ha! Mine just happened to show up one day and I was like “hello there friend!” LOL

    And I still haven’t seen Les Mis. Ugh.

  2. I’ve nominated you for the liebster award so be sure to head over to my blog and check it out!!

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