Friday Five: This Week

Friday Five: This Week

It’s Friday!  I’m so excited for a short weekend…and then I am headed out on a work trip Sunday. This week has been a doozy.  Let’s look at the top five highlights.

1. I entered the Hanson Day MOEY awards.  They are giving out some fan awards this year…and I made a lip sync video.  It’s funny and weird and you should watch it (especially if you need a laugh).

2. I FOUND MY FAVORITE PANTS!  Let me back up.  I got some pants from Stitch Fix last year and LOVED them. They were my faves.  I kept asking Stitch Fix for another pair, but they never sent them.  I looked for them online but never found them. I saw another color on another blog for their March StitchFix review, and I BEGGED them to send me another pair (and they did). I decided to search online again, and I found them! *cue angels singing!* so I bought two more pairs of these magic pants.

3. We found out which shift Tyler will be on when he starts on his own next week.  It’s not his first choice, but he’s happy with it.  He’ll be on first shift, which is 5 am to 3 pm.  He isn’t a morning person, so we’re praying for an easy transition.

4. I’m hoping to see Insurgent tonight.  I’ve heard that it doesn’t stick with the book.  And I loved the book.  But I’m just hoping the characters are true…because while I loved the story, I loved the characters more.


5. I found out there’s a new show coming out soon that’s a celebrity lip sync battle.  LOVE it.  Can’t wait until April when it debuts.


So that was my week.  How was yours?  Any highlights to share?


  1. 1:47 on the video. I’m dying. Great job on the video, it’s hilarious, hope you win!!

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