Friday Five: This Week’s Highlights

Friday Five: This Week’s Highlights

It’s been an exciting week.

  1. The Tony Award nominations were Tuesday. It’s like my Super Bowl. Of course, Hamilton swept with a record breaking 16 nominations. But other shows that I love got nominated as well. Looking forward to the Tony Awards in June!


2. My dogs have been extra snuggly. Monday morning Pippin and I had a GREAT sweet snuggle session (where he NEVER ONCE TRIED TO LICK ME) and yesterday morning Mikey crawled onto our bed and walked right up and laid on my belly. I think they can tell changes are happening to their momma.

3. Today I’m buying me, mom, Alden, and Haley DIXIE CHICKS TICKETS!  They had a summer tour, but the dates didn’t work out for me. I was bummed. Then they expanded their tour and they’re coming to Little Rock!  Woop!


4. Yesterday I ate Mexican food twice for Cinco de Mayo.  Always a good day.

5. My sweet friend Kenley sent me my very first Mother’s Day card. And I cried. Thoughtful friends are a gift, ya’ll. 


What were some of your highlights this week?

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