Friday Five: This Week’s Random Things

Friday Five: This Week’s Random Things

Happy Friday, beauties!  I hope you’ve had a good week.  I’ve been getting over the sickness, so I’ve had lots of downtime/resting…but it’s good to be here at Friday!
Five things from this week:
1. We’ve been eating leftovers all week.  My mom made BBQ last weekend for the whole family, and we got the leftovers.  However, there’s only so many hot dogs and hamburgers one can consume happily.  So Wednesday, I told mom I was OVER the hot dogs (and we still had like 7 left!)…so she sent me home with a big container of leftover spaghetti!  Win!  I won’t have to cook AND I can eat something that’s not a hot dog.  So I get home from Zumba last night….hungry and tired…and excited to eat my spaghetti…and it’s gone.  MY HUSBAND ATE ALL OF IT.  It was like 2-3 servings of spaghetti…gone.

2. This week’s good hair day (and fat face day, apparently, I look extra round here, ha!) was on Wednesday. Boom to the volume.

3. I’m seeing The Fault in Our Stars tonight…so I’m not wearing eye makeup today.  I’m prepared with the Kleenex.  Bring it on.
4. At work on Fridays, we get a little “Happy Friday” treat.  This morning it’s Chex Mix.  I’m a happy girl for snack time later.
5. Because of last week’s birthday celebrations (which are actually extending into today for my lunch with my friends!) and then being sick…I’ve slacked on the healthy eating/morning workout front.  But I’m back at it as of this morning.  Two mile walk in before 5:30! Woop!

What was a highlight for you this week?  I’d love to hear about it!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Your hair looks fantastic in that photo! Your such a sport for running at that time of morning. I can’t even convince my body to move that time of morning LOL

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