Friday Five: Under-appreciated Moms

Friday Five: Under-appreciated Moms

So with mother’s day coming up, I thought I’d wish a happy mother’s day to all the moms out there.  But for today’s Friday Five, I want to wish a special happy mother’s day to five groups of under-appreciated moms, including myself, the doggy mom. So to all you moms of actual humans, or these five under-appreciated moms, have a happy mother’s day!

1. Dog moms.  You may love your dog more than you ever thought humanly possible- and if you’re like me, you post WAY too many pictures of your dog on Instagram. That’s ok. You love them like children. So happy mother’s day doggie mom.


2. Cat moms. Cat moms may sometimes be called cat ladies, but they love their furbabies like kiddos. Props if you bathe your own cat. That’s a tough job, but only a loving mother could do it. Happy mother’s day cat mom. You’re awesome.


3. Aunts. I’ve always given my aunt a mother’s day card because she was a loving figure in my life.  She loved me, taught me things, and showed me how to have fun. So if you’re an aunt, happy mother’s day to you too.


4. Wives. That’s right ladies.  I know our husbands can act like children sometimes.  We take care of them when they’re sick, we clean up after them, and we do thankless tasks for them.  So even if you just have a husband, happy mother’s day to you for taking care of a grown-size man child.


5. Friends. If you have friends with kids, you are probably a huge help to them and you probably love their kids (if you aren’t a help to your friends and you don’t love their kids, maybe reconsider your life choices). There are so many kids in my life that I can step in and “mother” if I need to- whether that’s teaching their kids at church, watching their kids while they have a date night, or just loving their kids like a crazy aunt. If you have friends with kids, happy mother’s day to you because I bet there is a kid in your life who loves you and looks up to you.


So there you have it.  Happy mother’s day to all the moms- real or otherwise. And happy Friday!

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