Friday Five: Visions for the Blog

Friday Five: Visions for the Blog

I love doing Friday Five. It helps contain my random thoughts into something that sort of makes sense, which is why I’m posting this topic (new blog direction/inspiration) on a Friday Five so I don’t ramble.

As a reader, I want you to know I have loved sharing my heart, my struggles, my life with you thus far.  That’s not changing.


However, in an effort to be the best version of me, that includes attempting to be a better blogger.  More focused, more consistent, better writer, better photographer.  Here’s what that might look like (based on inspiration from AWBU):

  1. More focused mission with my posts.  I have had some posts before that really share my heart. I’ve had many posts that were just a “here’s what we did” type post. I’ve had some where my personality shines through, and others that I slap together in 5 minutes.  I want a more focused mission with this blog. My mission is to share my life authentically – all while pointing toward my mission of being better every day. I want to remember that this blog is more than just my rambles, it’s a place of expression…and I want to express my journey.
  2. Be a better photographer. Beautiful images are captivating. I am going to attempt to take better pictures, both with my camera and my phone. This may include some light editing just to enhance a photo, but they won’t be edited to be fake. Nope. You’ll see the blemishes and bad hair days, just like before. Remember, I’m attempting to be authentic and real.
  3. Continue to find my voice. When I throw posts together quickly, I lose who I am in the writing. I’m trying to be myself, and write like myself more.
  4. Work to partner with more businesses that I’m interested in/passionate about.  This blog WILL NOT turn into a product review blog.  You trust me too much for me to always be advertising for you.  But, I understand that I have an audience, and I want to share products and places that I love…and I think you’ll love too.  I have some fun features of neat things I’ve found that I get to share with you in the coming weeks.
  5. Stay within some loose structure for posts.  I find more inspiration in a loose outline.  I sort of miss the days when I would have What I’m Loving Wednesdays, or other blog ideas like that.  I am going to be roughly doing these posts in a week:
    • Monday: Weekend Recap. Sharing our weekend adventures (or lack thereof!)
    • Tuesday: One Thing. Sharing one thing I’m aiming for/wishing for/working towards/doing differently this week.  I may do a linkup of this.
    • Wednesday: Free day to share anything.
    • Thursday: Things I’m Learning.  This could be something from Bible Study, something I’m reading, something I’ve searched online, something neat I’ve watched.  But in an effort to be better, I want to be learning.
    • Friday: Friday Five.  Five things about any topic I feel led to do.

This is not a strict structure, but more like guidelines to help me share my heart and my life. I actually find inspiration in writing around some rough ideas like these.  If something else is on my mind and heart, that’s cool too.

So there ya go.  Five things I’m working on here at Razorback Britt.

I’d love to hear your take on these things, or get some ideas on what you are focused on at your own blog.  Leave me a comment and let me know if you’d participate in a “One Thing Tuesday” linkup, too.  I’m wondering if anyone would play along.



  1. Hi Brittney! We didn’t get to talk too much at AWBU, but it was wonderful to meet you! I love your spirit and I love this vision for your blog, especially having a weekly outline. I’m trying to come up with an idea like that to work around at my space, as well. Just seems to make things easier when you know what you expect from yourself. And I’d totally be in for One Thing Tuesdays. 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!

    • Jessica- it was so good to meet you too…and I wish I had more time to visit for sure! Somehow the weekend zoomed by without getting to know everyone. Thanks for the feedback on One Thing Tuesday. I’m having surgery next week, but I think when I get back up and running…I’ll make it happen. 🙂 Have a great one!

    • So I just installed a new plugin that sends an email when I reply to comments…so I hope you get this! Thanks for the feedback on One Thing Tuesdays. I will probably get that going after my surgery next week. And I wish we had more time to chat at AWBU. Somehow the weekend seemed so short and I didn’t quite make it to everyone the way I wished I could!

  2. Hi Brittney. So glad to finally meet you in person! I love all your ideas and inspiration from AWBU. I walked away more inspired too.

    • Talya, it was so good to meet you too! Besides the renewed inspiration, my favorite thing about AWBU was getting to see how precious you folks were in person. Everyone was just as I imagined they would be, if not even better! I can’t wait for next year!

  3. I love your vision and your plan, and look forward to seeing great things on your blog.

  4. Hey Hey 🙂
    I’m also working on coming up with an outline for myself. I may share some of your ideas! Great Job!!!
    I would link up with you!!!!
    Hope to see you again and visit face to face!

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