Friday Five: Weekly Update

Friday Five: Weekly Update

Hi friends! I hope you’ve had a good week. We have! The weather is turning beautiful with sunshine and warmer days. I can’t wait to go for a walk tonight after work.

Here are 5 fun things from this week:

  1. Wednesday night while I was at church I got a Facebook message from my friend Rachael, who lives in Cambodia.  She said “I have the urge to talk to you, are you free?” And so we Skpyed when I got home from church. Seeing and talking to her was a BIG blessing!
  2. Monday I went to see Dad at the nursing home after work.  He hasn’t been eating a ton, so I figured I would take him his fave – a hamburger. He gobbled it up and kept making “MMMM” noises. SO funny.
  3. A coworker made her sausage wontons and brought them to work today. They are SO good.  I was craving them last weekend (but didn’t make them because I didn’t need to eat the whole batch) and without knowing that, she surprised us with them today!  Every recipe I found online was too complicated. Her’s are not.  1 tube sausage (breakfast sausage) drained, 1 block cream cheese mixed together.  Scoop that into wonton wrapped that have been placed in a muffin tin.  Then you top with shredded cheese and bake until crispy. YUM.
  4. I stepped into a soft spot on our deck one morning and my foot went through. Way to make the pregnant lady feel like she’s 500 lbs. ha!

  5.  I got a GREAT deal on a stroller/car seat. I’ve been researching and had narrowed it down to a couple I liked (this to say we haven’t looked in person a ton yet) but there was a deal online for almost $150 off one of the combos we were considering.  So I jumped on it and bought it.  Yay for saving!

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