Friday Five: This Week’s Highlights

Friday Five: This Week’s Highlights

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week….

1. We had Halloween Zumba last night.  I used to dress up in full costume…but I get so hot and sweaty that I just can’t.  But I DID wear some fox accessories!  I even had a tail that shook around when I shook my booty!



2. I FINALLY convinced Tyler to go along with my Halloween idea.  Stay tuned Monday for pictures! Our life group is all going trick or treating together (well, taking the kids) but you know I can’t miss the chance to go all-out!

3. My friend (in real life!) Emily has started a BEAUTIFUL Etsy shop featuring hang painted wood signs.  She lives in a historic part of town and is using reclaimed wood to make her signs.  Check it out- she even does custom work!

4. I got a GREAT Anthro coupon for sale items…and I ordered this beautiful shirt.  I’m thinking it will be my Thanksgiving shirt (nice and loose…can eat what you want!).


5. I made a DELICIOUS homemade easy pot pie…and once I can make it again and actually take notice of what I’m doing…I’m going to blog the recipe.  Tyler complained that pot pie was always bland and soppy…but this was herby and delicious.  Stay tuned!


I hope you have a great weekend!  Are you dressing up for Halloween?

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