Friday Five: What’s Going On

Friday Five: What’s Going On

Hola mi amigos! (I took German in school, so if that’s not correct….forgive me!).  I’m so glad it’s Friday!  We had a busy week (which I wouldn’t trade for the world…it was fun!), but I’ll be glad to chill for a couple days.

Here’s some of this week’s happenings.

1. I got a strange package in the mail. It wasn’t from a shipper I recognized and when I opened it, I got these sweet sunglasses from one of my favorite TV shows, Graceland (It’s on USA- check it out!).

2. I went to the doctor last week to just run some baseline blood work, and when I got my results back, my cholesterol was a little high (#grownupproblems), and she wrote on the paperwork “Low fat, low cholesterol diet is recommended.”  And then we had this delicious brisket for dinner.  I smoked it myself. Ooops.  Guess I’ll start watching my cholesterol next week.

3. My cousin Luke is in town visiting mom and we’ve had some fun this week.  We went bowling one night and last night we hit up Gator Golf for some putt putt.  He loved the monkeys.

4. I had a sweet Forever 21 coupon, so I ordered a few things.  Favorite thing I got was this peplum top.  I really love peplums on me (hello waistline!), but they always seem too short.  This one hits just right.

5. I think we may get the boat in the water this weekend!  Woop!  That will make for a fun Saturday!

What was the highlight of YOUR week?


  1. Oooh love that peplum top!!! I don’t know if I could order things from F21 online…I never have any clue what size I will wear there!! I swear. Sometimes their things will line up with my regular sizes at other stores, sometimes it’s like WOW, THIS XXXXXXXXXXL IS STILL TOO SMALL, GUESS THIS IS A NO. And then I cry and eat ice cream. Ha. How on earth did you get sunglasses from a TV show??!

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