Friday Five: Yay for Friday

Friday Five: Yay for Friday

So…this week has been a busy one.  We are in the point in rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz where everyone is needed every night. So that means that every day this week, I worked, workout out (because I was either teaching Zumba or spent my free time at the gym) and then had rehearsal until 10 p.m.   Whew!  I haven’t been home all week except to sleep.  And while it’s a bit exhausting, it’s so worth it.  I’m loving being a part of the cast and I can’t wait until we open in 12 days! (PS. If you’re local, tickets go on sale at the Fort Smith Little Theater to the public on the 16th).

Here are 5 things that were fun this week- even in the midst of the busy.

1. I started a commitment to work out at home 5 days a week…and I made it through week 1. I’m not committing to a particular program, just doing a DVD 5 mornings a week.  This week, I did 21 Day Fix, Piyo, and a walk at home DVD.  I have lost a couple of pounds and I’m feeling good. 🙂


2. Gram had a good day yesterday!  After mom got back from lunch, she was awake, TALKING, and even ate some food. We are so thankful. Since I was at work, I Facetimed her to talk to her.  It was so good to hear her say “I love you.”


3. Mom and I decided we needed to stimulate the economy a bit, so after work we are going to one of my favorite local shops, Shop Persnickety. They posted some new items last night and I NEED this shirt. Too cute.


4. In other fashion news, I found this sequin dress on sale at Macy’s online and I need someone to push me to buy it.  Wouldn’t it be PERFECT for Vegas to see Britney Spears? 🙂  It’s on sale for $44…which is unheard of for a fully sequin dress.


I sort of also think I need this crochet trim black dress.  OMG so pretty.


5. Tyler is taking me to Hot Springs Saturday to see the Newboys (it was my birthday gift from him) and I’m excited for a little road trip and concert.  It will be fast…just going there and back when he gets off work- and coming straight home after because he has to work Sunday.  But I’m so excited!


So those are the highlights of the week.  What was a highlight of the week for you?  Should I buy those dresses? What are you doing this weekend?


  1. A highlight of my week was going to see Minions! It was great. 🙂 GO SEE IT. … And today I went to Cotham’s and had a Hubcap Burger!

    • I want to see Minions so bad! We will probably have to wait until it goes on DVD because of my theater rehearsals every night. No movie time right now….

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