Friday Randoms

1. We have been eating potatoes like crazy this week.  See, I made some baked potatoes for the Superbowl for a potato bar…but with all the other yummy food, not many were eaten.  So I hate to throw them we’ve been going Bubba Gump on the potatoes….you know….potato hash, twice baked potatoes, fried potatoes, hashbrowns…any way I can cook them!  I think tonight we will FINALLY use up the last of the potatoes!

2. I have been really busy at work this week filming and making videos.  We have done walk-arounds, meet the salesman videos, videos of various departments….but I like being busy.

3. I am getting a free haircut this afternoon. Yes, FREE!  See, I shop at Ulta.  A lot.  I get lots of makeup there. I buy expensive and cheap stuff there (the cheap stuff because I have an Ulta rewards card and I earn points on the stuff I could buy at Walmart or Walgreens).  Well, when we moved back in June, I forgot to transfer my Ulta rewards address.  So I haven’t gotten any rewards in months!  They were AWESOME and gave me all the rewards I hadn’t redeemed….so I qualified for the highest level of reward…one option of which was a FREE haircut!  So I’m getting trimmed up tonight!

4.  Mom is coming in tonight and tomorrow we are going to see Bring It On: The Musical.  I can’t wait for the cheer/musical/tumbling excitment.

5.  I am wanting this tunic.  Bad.

6. I got to hear Steve Forbes (of Forbes Magazine) speak at a Chamber luncheon on Wednesday.  He is a very smart (very rich) man.  He had interesting things to say…but his speech was like a political campaign speech (all the things he would do to correct the economy)….but none of it are things he has any power to do.  I know the man ran for president years ago…maybe he is still hung up on that.  It was a pretty good talk, just didn’t seem appropriate for the occasion (the annual Chamber luncheon).

7. I am already looking up excursions for our cruise.  The cruise is in JANUARY.  10+ months away.  Oh well, let the anticipation build. 

8.  Things I wanna do on said cruise: snorkel, swim with dolphins (I’ve already done this…but I REALLY want Tyler to experience it), get a tan, eat my weight in fine food.

9. I ordered a dress from Rue La La.  It was a final sale item.  They only had it in a size too small for my current body.  The deal was amazing.  I ordered it.  I haven’t dared try it on yet.  I know I’ll have to lose 10+ more pounds to wear it.  I’m ok with that.  I had to have it (it was leopard print!).

10. I REALLY want to see The Vow this weekend.  Maybe Saturday night?

11.  Our church is having a marriage/dating/seminar/simulcast thingy Sunday night.  I really want to go…but that means I won’t really get to nap on Sunday! ha!  Gotta prioritize, I suppose.  My marriage over my nap.

12. I am slightly obsessed with playing Temple Run.  I’m not the best at it…but my best run was over 4,700 meters and over 336,000 points.  

Do you play Temple Run?  What is your longest run? I have seen friends post that they scored over 1,000,000 points in one run!  I’m not there yet!


  1. Ooooh I love that tunic! Have you ever shopped at RiffRaff in Fay? They have SUPER cute clothes (and other stuff too!). That tunic looks like something they would have 🙂

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