Friday Randoms

-I am wearing one of those open, loose cardigan thingies today.  I wanted it to close under my boobs…but it has no buttons.  So I used a hidden safety pin.
-I am on a mission to declutter my life/my stuff/our house.  I will be getting rid of stuff I don’t use.  So in an effort to use my beauty products (so as to not get rid of them) I used my rollers and curling iron today! 🙂

Please notice the curls and not the giant red spot on my chest.  I have too much histamine in my skin and get red and splotchy easily.  🙂

-My mom and Gram are coming up here tonight!  They should be here around dinner!  (I’m making ground turkey tacos and fish tacos and homemade guacamole if you care!).  We are doing some shopping tomorrow morning, then going to see The Million Dollar Quartet at the Walton Arts Center tomorrow.  It looks like a great musical!  We also have big plans to take Gram to HuHot for lunch (she will LOVE it!), eat froyo after the musical, and take them to a local cajun place for dinner Saturday.  Somehow, I will manage to make good choices and stay on track with my diet through all of that!
-I have this beauty on hold at a local boutique.

I am headed there after work to buy it!  I mean, I gave up online shopping for Lent…but not in-person shopping! 🙂 ha!  (The online shopping thing has been tempting!  Some of my fave brands have had boutiques on Rue La La…but I have resisted!  I even unsubscribed from emails from some stores so I am not always bombarded with the message to buy more.)
– Thank goodness my local Sonic wised up.  I stop for a Route 44 water with lemon several times a week either in the mornings or at lunch.  For a while, they were only putting ONE lemon slice in an entire Route 44 water.  That doesn’t cut it.  I complained on Twitter to Sonic, I would ask for “more than one lemon slice” (and twice was charged double for my lemon!  are you KIDDING me!?)  But now, without asking, they are putting 2-4 lemon slices in my water.  I am happy again.
-This song/dance is the biggest hit in my Zumba classes. 

They all LOVE it.  It is pretty high energy and doing it 3 times in one night takes it toll.  The song came on shuffle on my iTunes, and I swear just hearing it made my heartrate go up.  Am I like Pavlov’s dog, but with Zumba music?
-Aaaaand I am excited/nervous for my weigh in tomorrow.  I have been very diligent (as opposed to 80% diligent) with my diet and exercise this week…so I am hoping for some results!


  1. ok now i’m craving some turkey and fish tacos.

    love the leopard print top. that is so cute. i freaking love anything and everything leopard print.

    • Girl, the tacos are the easiest thing! I brown turkey and add a little taco sauce….and then I just defrost and cook some tilapia filets with some garlic and pepper…and then I add some rotel to both pans. The rotel makes the BEST taco fillings!

      And I am CRAZY over animal print…but esp. leopard and zebra!

  2. I get red & splotchy super easily too!!! I had no idea why though… and its really only on my neck/chest area. crazy.

    • We went through lots of tests when I was little….they concluded it was extra histamine in my skin. When I take anti-histamines, it gets better…but I hate taking meds all the time. So I only take them before big events to calm the redness.

  3. I get splotchy too, but usually when I’m nervous or excited about something — or if I’ve had too much to drink! Ha!! Have a good weekend!

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