Friend-Filled Weekend!

Friday evening, Tyler decided to head to Arkadelphia for some time with his fraternity brothers during pledge week.  I had planned to go to a birthday party at a friend’s house…so his leaving only meant I could stay later and guilt-free (except once I was at the party….I saw it wasn’t girls only, and if he was in town, he could have come! ha!)

It was a brunch party at Kacee’s house!  So fun!  We all wore our PJS and ate breakfast for dinner!  The guys wore chef hats as they made the pancakes and bacon and gravy!

Chef Jamie and Chef Tedd

Emily made the BEST maple bacon cupcakes that sounded weird but were so yummy!

We watched a movie, ate dinner, and celebrated the sweet birthday girl, Whitney.  I also got to play with their sweet kiddos!  Emily cracked us up!  We were doing a birthday Mad Lib and she sprawled out in the kiddo picnic table!
She is a petite lady…but that is one tiny table!

Saturday, I got up and went to the gym, did some grocery shopping, and then came home to party prep.  
Around 3, I headed to Tyler’s shop.  He was rearranging, so we did that for a little bit and then went to dinner with his mom, uncle, his cousin and her bf, and some of their friends.  A fun dinner with everyone at one of our fave Mexican places, Joe’s!
Sunday, we did church.  Brother Ronnie preached about overcoming through faith.  We are actually starting a series about overcomers from the Bible and I’m so excited about it!  After church, Tyler and I had Chinese and came home to finish party prepping.
Friends starting arriving around 4.  We ate, talked, laughed, ate some more.  I got to play with two sweet kiddos and rub on two pregnant bellies (yes, we are basically the only friends without kids!  I am content playing with others’ kiddos!).  The boys watched the game, but for the most part, us ladies talked.  We really shared our hearts and talked about what God is doing in our lives.  It is so great to have friends to share and talk with!  I thank the Lord that I have made friends here!  
For the game, I was going for the Patriots, but they lost.  However, my mom and I had a little bet going, and I had 7 points…so I technically won the bet even though I lost! 😉
I thought the halftime show was pretty good.  Yes, she was doing some lip-syncing…but you can’t hear yourself in such a huge area to sing…so they pre-record it.  We used to do that in Branson (and at Tiger Tunes!).  I thought she looked great, moved great, and had a great set!  (And I would totally be in church choir if we wore sequined robes like CeeLo’s!)
The friends all left around 10:30ish.  We cleaned up a bit (and by cleaned up…I mean we threw away trash and packed up the leftovers.  There is a pile of dishes in my sink. But the fun was TOTALLY worth it!)

The mound of dishes I must do tonight because our kitchen is being worked on tomorrow!
I LOVED our friend-packed weekend!

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