Weekend Recap: Friends and Dogs

Weekend Recap: Friends and Dogs

My weekend was full of friends and puppies…which meant it was GREAT.

My bestie Alden and her husband Mike came to visit from East Arkansas.  Let’s be real…they were stopping here because they were going to Oklahoma to get their puppy…and they were staying with us midway.  But I’m glad to see them and meet their puppy.  So I’m not mad to be Hotel Brittney. 🙂

They arrived pretty late Friday night.  Mike is a baseball coach and had a game Friday, so they had to wait until after the game to head this way.

They set off to get the dog Saturday, so while they were gone, I hit up a baby shower for a sweet friend.

She’s a friend I made in college who now lives here.  She’s pregnant with twin girls!  They had the cutest set up for her.  Look at that sweet banner! And that strawberry cake…oh yum!

When Alden and Mike got back…they brought sweet Millie with them!  We let the dogs meet and play and took them on a walk.  Millie’s first walk!

She was so tiny!  I thought Pippin was little, but Millie was just two pounds of fluff! Mikey wanted nothing to do with her, but Pippin and her played well together.

We just hung out at home with the dogs Staurday night. I cooked dinner, we watched a movie (read: I slept through the movie). Sunday, Mike did a ride around with Tyler and Alden and I went to Life Group and church.  I LOVE that Haley was there too!  We are all friends, Tri Chi sisters (actually in the same Tri Chi family!) and Alden and Haley were actually friends in high school.  Such sweet friends and so special to sit together at church and worship together.

Alden and Mike left after lunch, Tyler came home after work and we hit up the church picnic (which ended early due to storms).  They ended up having the volleyball tournament in the church gym instead of at the park…so my MIL brought me home so I could chill at home and recoup after a busy weekend- which I appreciated.

I’m glad to have spend such a fun time with friends!

How was your weekend?


  1. Millie is so cute! How big will she get? Puppies everywhere! What kind of dog is she?

    That banner is SOOOO CUTE. I wouldn’t mind having one.

    My weekend was pretty boring. I cleaned house. 🙂

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