I’ve always been really blessed with great friends.
Growing up, I made friends easily, and while there was some middle school drama, for the most part, I have had awesome friends.  I remember growing up, when I sang and danced….other kids got made fun of for it.  On the other hand, I had friends who would come cheer me on.  Friends of mine made the trek to Branson to see me perform during that season of life.  It was a huge blessing.
High school friends at a pool party at our house.  I’m in the pink on the left. I love these people.
Performing also allowed me to have friends all over the country.  When we went to NYC, I got to visit a friend I used to sing with.  If I go to California, I know I have people there.  Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas….friends everywhere.
My friends (for the most part) were really good influences, too.  I had a few crazy friends (but I think you need those too!) but for the most part, they were encouraging, uplifting, and friends who challenged me to be a better person.
When I went to college, I lost touch with many of those high school/childhood friends.  I’m just not one to cling to the past.  I was in a new life season, and I made new great friends.  Spending four years living with these people meant we got really close.  I love so many friends from college (and I keep up with many of them).
College friends when we all met up in Fayetteville last summer.
Once I went to grad school, I made a few friends, but most of us were there to get our degrees.  I had as active of a social life as I wanted, but I didn’t get too close to anyone there.
Some grad school friends- Mary and Laveda.
So when we moved here, I had been without “close” friends for a year or so.  I was worried.  But I turned to the Lord.  I fervently prayed for good friends.  And boy did God show out.
There were several girls that went to school with Tyler, and they were so sweet to accept me right in their group.
In our church, I made some sweet friends who are always there with a listening ear. I’ve gotten connected to a WONDERFUL life group who fill me up each week.
Then I started teaching Zumba, and made friends with so many instructors and some students (some of which turned into best friends).
Zumba student turned bestie- Brandy
And don’t get me started at work.  These people I spend my days with are wonderful.  Me and a couple girls went on a walk the other day at lunch…and when we came back, I told them that their friendship was an answered prayer.  And I meant that.  Friendships at work are rare, but somehow I have several blooming.
I’ve also made friends in the blog world.  Some who have graciously offered prayers and encouraging and wisdom during tough times.  And some who I found common interests with that just “get” me.  In fact, the two ladies I went to Hanson Day with have become great friends quickly.  We text, call, Skype, Pinterest, G-chat, and more pretty much all day every day. ha!
Taylor and Kristin- Hanson started a friendship!
I have to admit, Tyler doesn’t always get it.  He doesn’t  understand how I get so close to people so quickly (or honestly, why I want to!).  But he knows that these friendships are my lifeline.  My support.  My sanity.  My happiness.
I love people and I love making friends.
I have to be super intentional with making and maintaining friendships.  I have to make lunch dates, text, call, and stay connected.  But I’m so thankful to have those connections. Don’t get me wrong.  I hope I don’t sound boastful about these great friends…I know not everyone experiences that.  Trust me, I know it can feel hopeless to feel lonely, but I know that with prayer and intentionality, you can find those wonderful, sweet, priceless connections.  
I don’t mind people coming and going in my life.  I believe people are there for a reason during a season…and if they fade out of your life…its ok.  Maybe I’m rare in this thinking, but I don’t force something that isn’t there.  And I’m ok with that.  I cherish people while they are in my life.
All that to say, I’m so thankful for all my friends.


  1. You are definitely lucky to have such great friends. I grew up with catty BS all through my school years so i seriously have next to ZERO friends from back in the day. Of course most of mine now live all across the world now thanks to the military!!

  2. Friends are such a blessing! I have grown apart from my close friends from high school and college and it’s kind of sad. It happened naturally after getting married, Stephen become my best friend and the one I talked to about everything so the shift was natural. Oh, and friends are work are an even huger blessing! It makes spending 40hrs a week in one place so much nicer! I love my work friends!

  3. You sound a lot like me when it comes to friends. I have many from many different areas of life and I love that. Being social is kinda like my hobby I say. It keeps me happy. My husband doesn’t ‘get it’ either! ha! I just tell him it’s a girl thing 😉

  4. Love you too girl, and thank God for you every single day!!

  5. I am so thankful we met and bonded over Hanson and blogging. Your friendship has been such a blessing already!

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