Friendsgiving 2019

Friendsgiving 2019

Our group of friends threw out the idea for a Friendsgiving, and Tara jumped on it. She said she always envisioned a long table down the middle of her living room, so that’s just what she did!

Rebecca awed us all with this GIANT charcuterie spread (which covered the end of the countertop!) We could have stopped here and all been happy.


Tara set the cutest kid’s table with markers (which Remi TATTLED on Lillian, “She’s writing on the table!” haha…it’s ok Remi!).


And any party at their house involves getting out the lizards (or as Remi calls them, the dinosaurs!)


We had a whole table of desserts in the living room…


And her super cute banner in the living room!


A perfect table setting with our names on our places.


The boys played nerf guns and video games, while the girls tore up Amelia’s room with toys. But crazy enough, we didn’t really hear any bickering from them!


It was a perfect night of food, laughter and friendship.


It is such a blessing to have friends to do life with, and we have so much to be grateful for!

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