Frive on Friday: It’s the Freakin’ Weekend

I’m linking up with the Good Life Blog for Five on Friday.  Here are my 5 random things this week.
1. Tyler has been out of town hunting for a couple nights.  He saw more deer yesterday than he’s seen all year!  He shot one, but then they couldn’t find it after….so let’s hope he brings home some deer meat! I want some deer chili!
2. With him being gone, it’s been quiet at the house for a couple nights.  I have done lots of cleaning, gave Mikey many belly rubs, and I discovered my new favorite wine.  I may have drank an entire bottle of it this week. OOPS! I knew I liked Stella Rosa wine after having it at a friend’s house.  When I went to buy some, they were out of the Stella kind I’d had….so I bought Stella Black at the recommendation of the guy at the liquor store. I want to go hug him for introducing me to this.  So yum.  It’s a red, but it’s sweet and light and fruity.   
3. Taylor and Kristin are coming to visit this weekend!  I CAN NOT wait for them to get here. I’m cooking a Mexican Fiesta for them tonight…and then tomorrow we are going to Fayetteville to play.   And of course, since we all originally met because we are Hanson fans, we will be watching some Hanson DVDs. 
4. I ordered a license plate for my new Prius (from here).  It matches my new monogrammed car mats.  Can’t wait for it to come in!
5.  We need a new loveseat.  Ours is just not great quality and it isn’t comfortable to sit on anymore. Tyler REALLY wants one with a center console.  He prefers to sit in our recliner because of the arm rests, so he thinks if we get a loveseat with a console, he will want to sit on the loveseat with me more often because of the arm rest.  It’s not totally hideous…but I’m not sure I love it. The neatest part is inside the console is a plug and a USB port for phone charging.  Pretty cool. What do you think?  Honest feedback, people.  
HAPPY WEEKEND! Hope yours is great!


  1. That wine sounds awesome!! What’s the price like? I’m having book club this weekend and wouldn’t mind a new wine to try…okay. And my honest feedback about the console loveseats: hate them. Ha. I mean, the look of them. I have no doubt they’re comfy and practical and all that. But I just think they’re UGLY! And also…with that thing in the middle, you can’t CUDDLE! So that defeats the purpose of it being a “love” seat, right? May as well just get two recliners. 😉 All that said…if it’s what yall want, go for it!! It’s way more important that YOU’RE happy with your own furniture. And if I come visit you, I’m sure I’d sit in it and appreciate it no matter what, ha!

  2. I’m with Erika on the love seat thing.

    YAY for girls’ weekend!!!!

  3. YEAH for this weekend!! I feel the same about the console loveseat. It’s a “man’s loveseat”. Chris would love it — he wants a sectional with consoles. The USB port is a nice feature though.

  4. I’m a firm believer that men have NO business picking out furniture, so I’m with everyone else on this one. LOVE that car tag and I have no idea about red wine, so I’ll take your word for it.

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