Front Row at Jason Mraz

Front Row at Jason Mraz

So my coworker Becca and I were talking one day about getting tickets to see Jason Mraz in Fayetteville.  Then we looked, and the show was down to just single seats- so we couldn’t get tickets together. We sadly moved on.

But the Tulsa Performing Arts Center had a contest where you could win front row seats to see him! So I entered to win (it was a video contest- a 20 second clip singing a Jason Mraz song), and won! (in all fairness, we only ever saw two entries…maybe there were more that weren’t public on Facebook? Who knows?).  Anyway, the concert was at the end of  March.  We changed clothes after work and headed to Tulsa.

We had a great dinner.  We initially were headed to sushi, but there was a wait and we didn’t have a ton of extra time- so we headed to Mexican (can’t go wrong).  It ended up being a restaurant in a shipping container park- which was funny because we work for a logistics/shipping company.

We got to the performing arts center, picked up the tickets and found our seats. FRONT AND CENTER.

We sort of freaked out because it was SO CLOSE.

The show was just an acoustic one-man show. It was GREAT.  He was funny, a great artist and very entertaining. He played for 2 hours, and the time whizzed by so fast. I would highly recommend seeing him, even if you only know a few songs. It was incredibly entertaining.

I’m so thankful we won the tickets. A night out seeing a great musician was so fun!

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