Frozen Tea Party

Frozen Tea Party

The local children’s theater is doing Frozen Jr., and they hosted a fun tea party to meet the characters (and promote the performance).

We had a super fun momma-Remi day together at it.

She had spent the night at Mimi’s, so I came over early with her princess clothes, and she decided to dress as Elsa.


We got to the fun historic home and they had it set up SO cute for them, including fancy tea cups!


They served “blue tea” and cookies. And while they sipped and snacked, the cast came and sang songs from Frozen. The girls ATE IT UP.



We went through different stations where we took a dance class, met the cast for photos and played Frozen games.

Remi LOVED it.


She got to hug and meet everyone- Olaf, Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff, and even The Duke of Weaselton. ha!


She cracked us up playing pin the nose on Olaf- peeking under the blindfold! ha!


She had a snowball fight!


And we had a ring toss on Kristoff’s head.


The dance class outside was fun. They learned a dance to “In Summer” and it was precious.


We, of course, had to buy tickets to the show later in November. Sure to be a good time!

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