I had a task to complete today. I tried doing it on my own. *Didn’t work* I tried asking for help. *Didn’t work* I googled. *Didn’t work* I found an expert who could do this task for me *$300 later, problem solved*
Oh well, at least I can check that off my to-do list…
Frustrated that some things are too difficult for me. I know I can’t do it all, but me and my bank account wish I could.
In other news, we are in line for more winter weather. I’m over it. We are supposed to do our first speeches in my classes tomorrow, and I HATE to miss another day. That puts us a week behind from weather. I am also supposed to present in a class tomorrow…and I read and prepared and am ready to discuss what’s on my mind. But I’m afraid Mr. Snow and Mrs. Ice have other plans for our area. Again, I’m just hoping this stuff stacks up early enough for the U of A to cancel class. I REALLY don’t want to head out in it, have it pile up while I’m at school, then have a mess getting home. Praying the “University Officials” make smart decisions, whoever “they” are.

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