Full Swing

So the semester started back.
Which might explain why its been several days without blogging….
I had to get ready for the first day of classes. Putting finishing touches and edits on syllabuses (syllabi? syllabusi? who cares.), creating my class calendar, creating the first week’s powerpoints and notes and assignments. Oh man, how I WON’T miss teaching after May.
Don’t get me wrong, I really like teaching. But its a lot of work. At least the fast-paced nature of this course. (For those who have joined me along the way….I teach Public Speaking at U of A for my grad assistantship. I have two classes that I am the full instructor for). It is dandy most of the time. I like seeing students overcome their fears of public speaking. I like doing fun classroom activities with them. But I don’t like grading speech after speech after speech. We do 5 in a semester…and between two classes of 25 each….that is 250 speeches every semester! I won’t miss the rude college students or the stupid frat boys who text in my class even though I get on to them. Stupid frat boys in their North faces and Sperrys. I try not to judge on appearance, especially on the first day…but its hard. I think I spotted 2 or 3 fratastic boys in my class. Hope they don’t give me trouble.
To top it off, I am taking my own class, and working on my thesis…and working part-time three days a week in another city! ha!
But I’m not complaining, I am totally blessed. But man, life got busy fast!
They are calling for snow/ice tomorrow….and I’m dreading it. See, it is supposed to start early morning…and go all day. Well, I’m on campus from 10-4 tomorrow….and if it gets bad while I’m there, I don’t want to freak out getting home. They said by noon we could have 2-4 inches of snow/ice accumulation! WHAT!? I didn’t ask for all this white weather. And on top of all that….Friday we have to come to Fort Smith to close on our property (woohoo!) so I hope the weather doesn’t interfere with that either.
So let’s pray if its going to do any major winter weather that they close school before I get there and it gets bad. And that we can make it for the closing Friday. And that I can juggle all this stuff without going crazy!


  1. Wow girl, you have a lot going on! Have fun teaching the class though-enjoy the last semester! 🙂 Drive safe on that snow/ice!

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