(Full) Weekend Recap!

We had a very full weekend!

Mine was pretty full of Zumba activities! 

Friday night, I hosted a Zumba Master Class with Stephanie Milstead (A Zumba Jammer from Tulsa) and it was a great, fun success!  This was the whole group after the class!

 Some local instructors with Stephanie (in the grey)

  I taught a few songs at the Master Class!

On Saturday, Stephanie did a Zumba JAM (a choreography session) with some instructors!  We learned 4 new songs and had a great time!  Several instructors left before this pic…but this was some of us!  From Fort Smith, Oklahoma, NWA….it was so fun to hang out!

 I ran some errands after the JAM, then I got ready to go to Girls Night Live with my MIL and a few of her friends.  It was a GREAT concert with Laura Story and Mandisa!

Laura Story…. (who has an amazing testimony of faith!)

 And Mandisa.  She rocked the house!

 She gave a testimony of struggling with weight loss and doing Zumba to help lose weight.  She came into the audience and was right by me talking about Zumba.  She asked who had ever done Zumba.  I raised my hand and yelled “Girl, I’m an instructor!” and she made me stand up and talk to her and then go to the front and dance to her song Good Morning!

I was excited!

 A couple other Zumba enthusiasts and a few kids came up and Mandisa led us in her Zumba dance to her song!

Sunday, I made some homemade baked mini donuts (cinnamon sugar and coconut!)  and then we went to church.
After church, we headed to NWA.  We had a yummy sushi date at Kobe (our fave sushi).  We love to sit at the sushi bar!
Then we went to Siloam Springs to look at a classic car Tyler wants to buy.  We test drove the 68 Mustang, then we stopped at an antique store!  We found Tyler a neat old motorcycle aftershave bottle and me a Fiesta chop plate in a vintage color (gotta compare it with my collection to figure out which green it is).  Then we booked it back to Greenwood to listen to one of Tyler’s friends, Keith, preach. Tyler and Keith were good friends in high school and Keith is about to graduate from seminary.  So Keith came home to his home church and preached.  Afterwards, they prayed over Keith and his wife Megan and their ministry.  It was nice.
Then we had dinner at El Palenque with my MIL Nancy and then came home and crashed!  A FULL weekend!  But a super fun one!


  1. Fun! Mmmm Kobe sounds delish right now! Best thing about Kobe? It’s right by Target!

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