Fun at the Fair

Fun at the Fair

We visited our small little county fair, and we had a GREAT night!

We started in the Creative Arts building- where I had entered two bars of soap. I was SHOCKED to see that not only did one of my bars win a blue ribbon, but my watermelon soap won Best in Show!

Remi rode a ton of rides and had so much fun.

We watched the magic show, and it was great! They did some neat tricks, and they REALLY got Remi with some of them.

This was when he had put the beautiful dancer in a box and was shoving knives in the box. She was so worried.

But the girl was just fine. 🙂 After, they did face painting for her, and Remi got her picture with the amazing magic woman.

I even got in on the fun, riding the doggie twirl ride with her (most of our family can’t handle spinning rides!). We had fun giggling inside.

She likes to play some of the games, but the problem is that she wants to win a very specific toy and doesn’t understand that sometimes you win from the lower tiers. Well, enter this game that basically was a “pay for what you want” game. $5 for the little toy up to $20 for the big one. She was trying to win this big unicorn, so we all pitched in and gave $20 for her to play. Highway robbery, but you know, childhood wishes come true.

I love our little town. It’s so fun to see friends all over at the fair! We already can’t wait for next year.

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