Fun at the Fair

Fun at the Fair

The Oklahoma/Arkansas State Fair was in town, so we HAD to go. Remi loved the county fair, and this was bigger. The week’s forecast called for rain (even though it ended up clearing up), we were afraid of not having a good night….so we took advantage of the nice weather on Monday. On buddy arm band night (one of the busiest nights). But it was still fun


She talked and talked and talked about the train. And she rode it several times.


She chose Mimi as her ride buddy (no need for us all to buy armbands). They had fun on the train.


But that was about it.  She did manage to ride two other rides, but she didn’t love them. (She was trying to be brave and go on two others, but she’s just 35 inches and too short to ride everything).


She did LOVE all the bouncy houses! This one was an obstacle course and really fun.


We let her play this game because they had some Paw Patrol toys, and then she went and chose a different prize. Ha! Kids are unpredictable.

But this game was a “you can’t lose” game, which is best for a little to just have some fun.


We watched the puppet show a couple times and did more bouncy houses.


After dinner, we told her she had to be brave and try something else BEFORE she rode the train again, and she went down the slide. Tears ensued. Bless her.


But another train ride and some cotton candy meant she was a happy girl at the end of the night.

This was her first cotton candy I think. She asked twice “I can eat it?” and she liked it.


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