Fun Day in NWA

Fun Day in NWA

The idea of fun day trips is still new to us! We had no fun Labor Day plans, so we decided to go to NWA and hit up the Amazeum.

I was worried Remi would be too small, but she was totally into it! (There were lots of more advanced things for bigger kids, but plenty to keep the attention of a toddler.  I’ve had a few friends ask, and I think kids need to be walking and be able to climb onto chairs and such to do their own thing before heading to the Amazeum. They do have “baby” areas for those under 2, but they are mostly just carpeted safe spaces for crawling with some stuffed animals.  The real fun is for 2 and up.

We did LOTS of exploring.  Magnetic blocks, these fun tiles to make shapes with (or rather, to dump and sort)

She LOOOOOOVED this big lite-brite looking contraption. We wanted to explore as much as possible, so we sort of moved her through the exhibits, but next time, I think we will spend a ton of time here.

There were slides and tunnels- all made of SCOTCH TAPE!  She loved crawling and sliding and jumping around.

This picture is blurry but it’s special. It’s just a family on a normal day out. But y’all….we’ve prayed for YEARS for Tyler’s schedule to allow him to be with us on the weekends.  And God answered that prayer!

Northwest Arkansas in Walmart country, so no surprise, they had sponsored a play Walmart area. She liked filling the basket, stocking the shelves and working in the bakery.  She put that oven mitt on and started cooking.  (Little eyes are always watching us, huh mommas?)

We all got in on the fun, climbing up in the treehouse and playing on the bridges.


One room was all water stuff.  We had heard to bring a change of clothes, so we let her go wild and get soaked.  She loved this, of course.

We went outside to play and dry off, and they had a fun water painting station on some slate tiles.

Such a fun place and a fun day together.

img_5822We dried off and headed to lunch at the Flying Fish (where this hungry girl DEVOURED her fish and fries).

Then we got ice cream at the Walmart museum…and she had fun riding their old truck. (Tip: go inside the store and they will give you dimes for the machine. Free rides? YES PLEASE.)

Sweet girl conked out on the drive home, sleeping the entire almost two-hour way.


SUCH a fun day, and for sure, we will be back!

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