Fun Family Day

Fun Family Day

We don’t often get an entire day together. Because Tyler works weekends, we typically only spend the evenings together. Over the holiday, I had a day off work, so we had a great fun family day!  We decided just to stay in town and do some exciting stuff together.

We started at one of Remi’s favorite spots- Petco! She loves to watch the animals (hey free zoo!)

We did a little shopping next door- and since the store wasn’t busy, we let her roam free. She loved that!

Next stop was the mall play area. It might be Remington’s favorite spot in all the world. She LOVES to run around with the bigger kids and climb, especially on this frog. She was so happy there.

After all of that fun, it was lunch time. We hit up Larry’s Pizza, a pizza buffet.  Remi loved the pizza (and olives, of course!). She really liked that they kept bringing pizza by our table because the waitresses would talk to her.

She and daddy played a fun game in the game room after we ate.

And then she took like 10 rides with Barney and Snoopy.  She was a BIG fan of the ride.

After naptime, she went to stay with Gigi for the evening while me and Tyler had a nice date night.  I got to wear my “fancy dress” from Christmas and we went to Rolandos and a movie.

I wish we had more family time, but we cherish the time we do have!


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