Fun Outside in the Perfect Spring Weather

Fun Outside in the Perfect Spring Weather

This spring weather has been awesome. Warm, sunny evenings with a light breeze. It’s made it very easy to spend time outside.

This pic is blurry, but I just love it. Remi LOVES to ride her bike at the park (our driveway isn’t ideal for riding because it’s gravel) and she loves for daddy to ride with her. I’m hoping to get a new bike that works soon to join them. I remember us teaching her how to use that bike at this park and how it was so hard for her. So proud of her for continuing to try.

We had an evening where we decided to try the camp stove for our upcoming camping trip. Remi played in her new water table and her sand table and her little playhouse while I cooked (and enjoyed a cocktail). Then we ate outside. I love when Remi thinks we are doing things for the first time- like eating outside- which isn’t true at all….but she’s like “We’ve NEVER eaten outside! How great!”

I’m just loving our evenings outside together. They are perfection.

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