Fun Things to Do in Fort Smith

I am a newbie in the Fort Smith area.  This means that (unlike my husband and his family) there are so many things to explore in the area!  I have done some fun things, but there are still plenty on my list of Fun Things to Do in Fort Smith.  I know I have some local folks that read this blog, so feel free to weigh in the comments about your favorite fun things to do in Fort Smith – with kids, with your family, alone…whatever!

Here are some things that seem like fun in the area!  Stars by the ones I haven’t done yet, but that I know a little about!
1. Ben Geren Park.  I love a good park.  Ben Geren has lots of playground equipment, a walking trail, and other fun stuff.  I have gone to walk, jog, eat a picnic and play.  I love this giant park.
2. Historical sites.  I’m a nerd for historical stuff.  There is so much history around town.  I happen to love walking around the old court house and gallows (where infamous judge Issac Parker hung many criminals).  My tip is to go on a day when the gallows will be hanging.  It is sort of bone-chilling to read the stories and see the rope swinging in the wind.
3. Creekmore Park.  Again, a great park.  Running/walking trail, fun equipment, tennis courts, picnic areas, and a TRAIN!  Would be super fun to go with kids to ride the train.  I like to go here to eat my lunch outside.
4. The farmer’s market.  The farmer’s market is really fun for me.  I LOVE to meet local people and folks are so friendly at the farmer’s market.  You can shop for local produce, flowers, crafts, and more.  I go on Saturday mornings and it is so fun.  You can also take small dogs on a leash and Mikey likes the farmer’s market!
5. Fort Smith Museum of History. I haven’t been through the whole museum, but I like to go to the old-fashioned soda fountain in the lobby.  You can explore the old soda fountain for free and enjoy an old-fashioned ice cream soda.  Yum.  Someday I will explore the museum too.

6. The dog park*. There is a 40 acre (I think?) dog park across town.  Now, Mikey isn’t super friendly with other dogs, but I would like to take him and see how he does there.  I think it would be fun  there on a busy weekend day.
7. Sporting events at UAFS.* UAFS has lots of sports teams and big arena.  I think a game would be a fun thing to do.  Let’s go Lions!
8. The Park at West End.*  Downtown, there is an old ferris wheel and a dining car.  You can eat in the diner and then ride the ferris wheel for $1.  I am dying to go at sunset one night this summer. 🙂  Hint, hint husband!
9. The Nature Center.* Never been, but I heard its fun and beautiful.  Would love to hear about this attraction if you have been.
10. the Visitor Center in Miss Laura’s.* Miss Laura’s used to be an old brothel.  I did a paper on Arkansas prostitution in grad school.  I know they do a historical re-enactment (to a point, its not a working brothel or anything ha!) but you can see artifacts and chat with the ladies all dolled up like they would have been in the day.  I think one Sunday I’m going to beg Tyler to go visit. 🙂  Its open every day, I think.

Have you ever done these fun things?  Any other ideas for fun stuff in the area?  I am tired of feeling like a visitor in my own town…I wanna get out and explore!  Give me ideas!


  1. The Park at West End is so much fun! We grew up in high school going there a lot. I think there are more rides than just the Ferris Wheel.

    The Nature Center is beautiful! Tons of walking areas. Fishing. You can rent canoes and kayaks. The building is full of history and fun animals in exhibits.

    My dad and I used to spend Saturdays exploring all of the old historical areas. Judge Parker’s Courthouse was always a favorite. I can’t tell you how many times I took school field trips there. And, not that I’m biased of my hometown or anything 😉 But Van Buren has some fun local, historical things too! I miss that area a lot 🙂

    • Thanks Leanne! I have ventured into downtown Van Buren to shop and stuff before..I’ll have to explore it a little more! I have ventured into VB, Alma, and Poteau a little bit….I guess it will take a while to really see it all! 🙂

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