Fun Time with My Girl

Fun Time with My Girl

Remi and I have had lots of fun lately! We had a little extra girl time with Tyler working overtime jobs, so here’s what we’ve been up to!

I took her BACK to the fair. Yes, we went again because we had some leftover tickets to use up. She loved riding rides, watching both shows, eating a treat, and seeing the animals again. She’s getting to be so fun to just be with- I love nights like this, where she’s acting like a big kid, I can say “yes” to so much, and we just enjoy each other.

This was a fun day we got to have as a family- we had two birthday parties in one morning! We started at a park for a friend from church and ended in another friend’s backyard. It’s fun to watch the kids interact together. Often, she’s with her friends away from us at school or church classes, so I like getting to see inside her world.

Tyler was working overtime at the skating rink, so we decided to go see him and Remi took a whirl on the floor! She tried out her skates on the baby floor, but she did make several laps around the big rink (with me following behind her on foot….momma doesn’t skate! I broke my arm twice skating as a kid and have an unreal fear of falling). She even did the limbo game and made it like 5 rounds! SO proud of her for trying something new!

I loved how she dressed herself for the skating rink. She looked like a teenager. So I was so glad when on the way out she wanted to ride with Buzz Lightyear. She’s still a little kid. Whew.

She loves to pick out her own outfits, and I like to give her that freedom as much as possible. She picked this very girl ensemble for church- tutu dress, bracelets and glitter high heels. She was FEELING herself.,

At our church mom’s group, a mom of teenagers spoke about how the “cherish it now, it will only get harder/worse/they won’t like you later” advice was SO wrong. She said if you grow your bond and do the work to set boundaries and such now, that your kids are just fun as they grow. And I know Remi is only (almost) five, but we are having more fun than ever. I like her, and I love her.

I’m thankful we get to do so many fun things together!

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