Funny Dinner Conversations

Funny Dinner Conversations

During the week, I don’t get to spend too much time with Tyler right now. With his schedule, he mostly sleeps until the last minute, showers, grabs food, and leaves.  But last night, he woke up a little before his alarm, and we were able to actually sit down and eat dinner together.

And it was a blessing.  But it was a funny realization of “new normal” at our house.

We were eating some yummy crock pot BBQ and veggies…and I was hearing all about the guy who died the night before. And he was talking about the gory details like it was nothing.

IMG_8790 (1)

Not really dinner time conversations…but it was just another day at work for Tyler.  So it was the perfect time to tell me all about his day. And this is my future as a LEO wife….trying to listen without listening.  I want to hear about it, and I’m glad he enjoys talking to me about his day…but can it wait until after dinner? ha!


  1. Ha! I heard all about that same incident during dinner too. Didn’t seem out of the ordinary to me, so I guess at some point you get used to it. It does, however, get MUCH worse than this particular death. Some stories require brain bleach. Welcome to LEO life.

  2. Also, your dinner is his breakfast?? It would be interesting to eat that for breakfast!

    • Yeah his meals are quite off. He technically ate this for breakfast (since he had just woken up and was about to go to work). In the middle of the night when they get a lunch break, the only places that are open are 24 hour diners…so he either eats diner breakfast or a burger for his “lunch” at like 4 a.m. (well, that’s when they have time for their lunch break!). When he gets home, he usually has a bowl of cereal before going to bed….so cereal is his dinner. It’s all mixed up! ha!

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