Funny Words

Funny Words

Remi is a great talker, but like any kid, some words come out funny.  Just a list to remember:


  • Buhboy- her version of “good boy” -what I say to the dogs.  She says it to the dogs when they are behaving.
  • Boosie- “boost” -what she asks for when she wants help into a chair or on the couch
  • Dishes- The song “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast
  • Fun face- a funny face. We read a book called “Where do Giggles come from?” that she calls the “fun face” book- it has a line about funny faces and we make them when reading the book.
  • I wake- I’m awake! She is happy to say this when we go in her room in the morning.
  • Icy Water- ice water, her drink of choice.  Normal water simply won’t do any more.
  • Noonles- Noodles.  One of her favorite foods. Typically it’s lo mein, but she likes all noodles.
  • Pee Pee Booty- The VeggieTales DVD “Sweet Pea Beauty”
  • Yama- Llama, as in “Llama Llama Red Pajama.”  “Momma, read yama!”
  • Yilbit- a little bit.  Often said when she goes potty and only goes “a yilbit”

More and more words are taking shape. Water is “water” now instead of “wawa” so I know these cute sayings won’t last long.

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