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First off, how do you like the new blog design?  BIG thanks to Hubby Jack Blog Design!  I love it! 

Hanson has a new single coming out.  It will be the summer anthem (if radio stations will start playing them again…they consider them “indie” and many won’t play them. Boo.).

Well, VH1 released the new video online and it is AMAZING.  Hanson in suits, lots of celeb sightings (Drake Bell, is that you?), and a great song.

This just pumps me up for Hanson Day even more.  I can’t wait to hear the new album. (and this is making me try everything I can to get to the Dallas concert in September. Trying to make it all work!)

You can preorder the single on iTunes if you like the song….

This just makes me so happy! 🙂 Happy Friday loves!


  1. STOP!!! Your new blog design is sooooo awesome!!! Now you’ve got me itchin’ for a change!!! Ha!

    LOVE love love!!!

  2. Love the new blog design! It’s so cute! And I’m so excited about the all of the new Hanson stuff: tour, single, album, EVERYTHING!! I’m thrilled!

  3. Love your new design!

  4. I’m hopping over from Tuesday Tunes. Great song! I am in Arkanasas, too! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. Cute song! Hanson sure has changed A LOT.
    Thank you for linking up to our blog hop for Tuesday’s Tunes.

  6. Sadly, I could only find an audio version as the official is blocked – but I’m not disappointed. Catchy indeed!

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