Get off the couch!

So for the last 2.5 weeks, me and my grad school bestie, Laveda, have been doing the Couch 2 5k running program.

The first week was so easy, we only ran 2 times instead of the recommended 3.

Week 2 was ok. But man, we are 2/3 done with week three, and I’m feeling it. We are running three minute sprints, and they feel soooo long. At this point, I’m not sure how I will ever run 5 minutes next week, let alone a 5k. But we are working through it!

It does feel REALLY good to finish each sprint and each workout. I feel like I am conquering something. I am proving to myself that I can do it if I just push myself a little bit. It is nice to feel powerful and in control. Of something. There isn’t much in my life I feel in control of at the moment. But for now, my workouts are all mine.

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