Get Yo Skin Checked!

So Wednesday, I saw the dermotologist.

I didn’t have any huge issues, but I wanted an acne consultation (stupid adult acne kicked in around 20/21 and never goes away) and I wanted a full body skin check.

So I made my appointment and saw the doc.

Well, who would have guessed?  Most of my issues are NOT acne, but rosacea! She said my redness and bumps are from some light rosacea.  So I got a new cream and oral pill to take (along with an acne gel for those occasional breakouts)

And this is my no-makeup face.  On the internet.  I’m brave, I know.  Apparently rosacea is just redness and some zits…but they are caused and treated differently than acne.

The other thing that we did was remove a scary looking mole.  The derm didn’t love this mole on my chest that was splotchy and had a red ring around it.  She removed it.  Super easy!  She numbed me and then shaved the mole off.  I didn’t feel a thing!  After the numbing wore off, I felt some stinging and throbbing (like I had nicked myself…it was a shave afterall!).  Now to keep it from scarring, I am keeping vaseline and a bandaid on it.  They sent it off for a pathology report, so we will find out if it was anything scary.

My little shaved spot.  Bye bye mole!

So, go get your skin checked!  If you are like me, you don’t remember SPF every time, you had some sunburns before, and you would benefit from a full body skin check.  It could save your life.

Or your face.  I mean, my derm told me I was treating my face all wrong!  Not acne!

So, in other words, I have this high end acne stuff I’m selling.  I just recently bought all this Dermologica adult acne stuff.  It is totally great.  For the acne I was having (I didn’t know it wasn’t all acne) it helped tremendously.

I don’t need it anymore (she said it was aggravating my rosacea), so I have it to sell.  These products are $40-70 a bottle…but I’m only asking $10-20 a bottle….or all of it for $90! 

These items are
Oil control lotion: $10 (1/4 used…retails for $39)
Overnight clearing Gel: one new and one 10% used- both for $30 (retails $46 each)
Precleanser: 5% used…I JUST bought this: $20
Skin Clearing Wash: 50% used- $20- HUGE bottle and you use a pea sized amount for one use…so much is left (retails $53)
Clearing mattifier: 50% used- $10 (retails $43)
Sebum clearing mask- 10% used- $20 (retails $43)
Murad Acne Complex Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel- $20 (used three times….TOTALLY new…retails for $60)

Let me know if you are interested in all of it….$90 for it all.  Or make me an offer.  I don’t need it anymore.  I have a paypal account, so you can pay me via paypal and I’ll ship it out!  Or if you are local, I can meet you for some coffee! Let me know!

And go get your skin checked! 🙂


  1. Girl, I’ve been battling rosacea for the last 6 years or so! (hence our convo on Twitter) The best thing I did for it was laser surgery, or as my derm calls it “facial rejuventation”. Basically, they fry off the top layer of your skin several times! Ha! But it has worked! Now I only use a prescription face wash and the oral antibiotic occasionally for bad flare ups! Getting overheated and drinking wine always make mine worse.

    Hope you get the results you want! And I agree, having your skin checked out is important!

  2. In the past few years, I’ve had 11 moles removed, and most of them have come back as “atypical.” I had to go in for bi-annual skin checks for a few years. And I had a very rare form of skin cancer way down in the very bottom most layer of skin. They found it in a fluke mammogram. I’m completely anal about drenching my body (and my kids) in sunscreen year-round! Thank you for spreading the word about getting checked. Everyone should get checked at least every couple years!

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