Getaway to the White River

Getaway to the White River

For Tyler’s birthday this year, I took him on a trip to the White River. It’s a long, cool river in central north Arkansas. We’d never been to the area. And I love going new places to do new things. And I haven’t had much of it in 2020, so this was the perfect time to go explore.

We stayed at Stetson’s on the White. I was looking at cabins and fishing guides, and they offered both. The week I was looking at cabins, I had a friend staying at Stetson’s, so she could give me her recommendation. It was so nice!

But before we got the White River, we grabbed sushi in Fayetteville because it’s Tyler’s fave.

Stetson’s is right on the river. We got to see the cool water flowing right outside our door! It’s spot in the mountains makes is foggy in the cool mornings. It’s gorgeous!

We asked the staff at Stetson’s where to go for breakfast, and they pointed us to Connie’s. We decided to drive toward there and were open to stop somehwere else if we wanted. But we have a rule together that the older and more broken down the sign, the better the breakfast. So when we saw Connie’s, we were in. It was delish!

After breakfast, we headed to the Bull Shoals White River State Park. I had looked up a few trails in the park, and we also had fun just exploring and taking in the views.

We happened upon one trail I had wanted to hike- Big Bluff Trail.

It was an awesome easy to moderate trail that led us to a bluff (yes, a big bluff) overlooking the river just a half mile in.

We could have turned back (because the bluff is sort of the draw) but we decided to keep going, and I’m so glad we did! We saw no less than a dozen deer in the woods and the weather was PERFECT for a hike. There were also a ton of woodpeckers- giant ones!

This little baby didn’t know what to make of us, so it didn’t run away. We got to watch it for several minutes. Being in the woods with a quiet deer is just magical.

After the hike, we decided to explore some more! The park is unique because it crosses a highway and covers both the river side and the lake side.

We wanted to see the lake, so we hit the Lakeside Trail.

Bad lighting, but beautiful blue lake. Bull Shoals is huge, and it’s dammed at one end feeding into the White River.

We had taken our fishing poles into the trail, so we did a little fishing. We didn’t catch anything here (we later learned these fish like evening to bite), but it was fun. After fishing, we were hungry, so we did turn back and decide to find a picnic spot.

After stopping by the cabin to change out of our hiking clothes, we headed in the other direction to explore. You can wind along the river from town to town, so we wanted to see more.

We ended up in Cotter. It’s known for a big bridge, but we wandered down to their square and found this cool mural.

We also ventured down to the bridge. There were many people there fishing, and Tyler learned some tidbits about trout from those fishing there (they like corn as bait, they are quick nibblers- better snag them fast!).

At the bridge, a man told us about a bass fishing pond nearby, so we stopped to cast a few times before dinner.

And we both caught some fishies!

We ended up getting Mexican food (we were headed to a pizza place that my coworker told us to try, but it was takeout only…and we didn’t want to eat in our car – it was already dark- and our cabin was 30 mins away….) which was SO good. It was so good in fact, that we went back the next night!

It was so relaxing to get away for a couple of days in the mountains! Next time, I’ll show you all of our trout fishing adventure!

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