Getting Back to Normal

Getting Back to Normal

I’m back at work and feeling like a real human being again.  I actually am feeling pretty good.  For several weeks of being sick, I haven’t felt like cooking, cleaning, getting myself ready, working out (feeling relatively crummy all of the time can do that to a person)…but even though I’m still healing (darn itchy incisions!), I’m feeling SO much better.  I’m thankful for that.

However, I need to get back to normal.  My pre-surgery, pre-sick normal.  My meal planning, early morning workout, back to teaching Zumba normal.  I need to stop making excuses and get to it.

I did have to miss out on some things for surgery and recovery….one of which being the One Direction concert last night.  I was supposed to go with my mom and cousin Caitlyn.  However, I just wasn’t sure I could work all day, drive to Tulsa, make it through a concert, and drive home in this state.  And I was glad I didn’t go.   Until I saw this:

2014-09-24 07_29_26-taylorhansonmusic on Instagram

Yup.  That’s Taylor and Isaac Hanson with Harry Styles. So that means my beloved Hanson were at the concert.  And Pioneer Woman was also there.  So basically everyone I adore was at this concert last night.  Except for me. Womp womp…

So yeah, surgery recovery is going well except for having limits at the moment.

But I’m hoping to be fully cleared at my post-op appointment tomorrow to be able to work out again.  And lift more than 10 pounds again.  It’s just not convenient to have someone else carry the laundry basket every time I want to start a load. ha! I’m ready to get back to normal again.

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