Getting My Hanson Tattoo

Getting My Hanson Tattoo

For years, I’ve wanted a tattoo with the Hanson lyrics “Don’t wait for tomorrow,” from the song “Tonight” but the time never felt right. A while back, I was going through my box of Hanson memorabilia and found a note I had from Taylor (long story, but a lady I knew had a connection to them and he sent me a card) and it had music notes he had drawn. I loved them. In that moment, I knew I wanted those music notes added to my tattoo. But I didn’t just want a random font, so I wrote a letter to Zac at their record studio asking him to write out the lyrics and send them back to me.

He’s a graphic artist, so I knew his handwriting would be great. I sent him the letter and a self-addressed stamped envelope with the hope he would write back. About a week later, I was STUNNED to get the letter in the mail.

I did some research from friends and online to choose a tattoo artist, and got ahold of one. I thought she would be booked for a while, but she had an opening in December, so I went for it!

The whole process was fast- it took about 30 minutes and the pain was minimal. I got it on my shoulder, and healing has been an easy process.

I LOVE how it turned out!

I’ve loved this band since 1997, and this song since 2013. I love what these words mean to me.

I’m glad I got the tattoo. Everyone said this would open the flood gates for more, and I don’t feel that yet, but I’m happy with this one!

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