Getting SO Big

Getting SO Big

Some days I can’t believe how BIG this girl is getting. She is still so physically tiny, but she’s smart and is learning so much.

She does SO much independently- as much as possible. We encourage that, but some days, I want to say to her “STOP GROWING UP!” I’m usually so proud and excited and not sad, but she’s just getting to be an amazing little person.

She LOVES to take pictures together. She points to my phone and says “Cheese!”

We took her to the Monkey House for the first time. She was surprisingly apprehensive, but she finally warmed up to the bouncy houses. She has jumped one at school, but I think this new environment and the bigger kids threw her off. But she was inquisitive and brave.

She can finally wear some big kid shoes (the small 4s, ha!) and some clothes that are toddler (the smaller ones, ha!).  She looked so big in this ensemble.

She’s much more expressive, and this is my new favorite expression. She will gasp at surprises like this. I love it!

Often, I let her choose between two things to wear. Choices are GREAT. We actually learned that letting them make choices now will actually help with peer pressure in the future. That being said, I encourage her to pick things out for herself. The other day, she choose this Santa hat instead of a bow.  Great choice, sister.

She’s actually showing signs that she’s ready to potty train (and some things I’ve been reading actually say it’s best to attack it before 2, gulp!). She will tell us before she goes. I’m reading a few more books about it to have lots of tools in our arsenal to determine what works best for her….then I guess that’s on our summer plans! Just growing up soooooo fast! It’s unreal!

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