Getting Stains out with a Magic Eraser

Getting Stains out with a Magic Eraser

We had my old pageant dress that needed to be cleaned up for Remi to wear.

It was handmade and old…and I didn’t really want to pay for it to be dry cleaned…but I also knew it wasn’t going to make it through the washing machine

I was leery of a bleach pen because I saw a post online about it eating at old fabric.

So I decided to try a Magic Eraser.


There were brown spots all on the lace.


After. It’s not bright new white, but it got the brown out.  It did leave behind specks of Magic Eraser that I had to brush off.

This next spot was brown on the front and back of the lace.

A little scrubbing and it was good as new!

Just wanted to share in case you had some vintage fabrics with spots. Of course, test it somewhere in conspicuous because I’m sure it wouldn’t work for all fabrics…but it did wonders for this lace!

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