Getting Up to Date

Getting Up to Date

Here’s this week’s catch-up post with all of the random fun we’ve been having!

One evening, Remi asked me to come into the playroom and help her build blocks (not unusual) but what WAS different was she had a purpose: build a robot!

She directed me and built a lot of it (needing some help but it was all her ideas). He needed legs, a helmet, arms and a jetpack! I LOVED watching her imagination and her engineering skills.


Our family time has been very sparse this summer with Tyler working nights during the week. But he’s been AMAZING sneaking in time when he can- including mornings. This particular morning, he hadn’t gotten home until like 3 a.m., but he got up at 6 to wake Remi up and see us for the 20 minutes before we left.

It just warmed my heart at what a good daddy he is!


We’ve gotten this game out a time or two, but Remi hasn’t been totally into it…but she asked to play it outside with me and Gigi one evening and she was LOVING it.

It’s the Move and Groove game from Amazon, and it was so fun to play together.


I bought Remi some Curlformers for her upcoming pageant and so we tried them out one night after bath. She was FEELING herself with them and looked precious!

I laughed at Doctor Remi coming to give my my checkup with her curlers.


Before bed, she asked for me to take them out, and thankfully, after only an hour or so, she had the CUTEST curls. I can’t wait for pageant day when they will stay in for a bit longer.


Hope you have a great day!

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