Giant Crab Claws and {slight} Sunburn

Last day in Tampa. I got up early, worked out, grabbed some breakfast, then headed to the beach. I spent a good 3 hours-ish laying out. I got tan line again (I love a good tan line!….is that weird?) and got a little pink. I hate when you don’t feel burned while you are out, but a few hours later, it is almost as if the sun finally soaked in, and you are pink. That is what happened today. Oh well…its ok. I was just so happy to have warmth and sunshine and a little free time to enjoy it all.

Tonight, we went for dinner with some of Dr. Webb’s friends and they were so wonderful. They have the most precious little 3 month old baby named Aria (What a pretty name, huh?) and we ventured off the property down the street to Crabby Bill’s. Well, today was the opening of stone crab season, so we had stone crab, of course! They were THE BIGGEST crab claws I have ever seen and they were delicious! And we sat outside and had a gorgeous sunset view as well.

Great trip, but I’m ready to be back home and see my sweetie!

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