Girl Time

These ladies are such a blessing to my heart. Beth, (me), Kayla and Hannah. We were all Tri Chi pledge sisters…and now that we all live up here together, we get together every so often. Well tonight was one of those awesome nights.

We started out at Hugo’s for burgers and friends. No chick food for us. We scarfed down some big yummy burgers (Guacamole Burger is A-MAZ-ING) and then we wanted something sweet.

We originally planned to get some cupcakes at a new place on the square, but we didn’t just want to grab a goodie then leave, so we went to Common Grounds for dessert.

This was what I had. It was a triple threat cheesecake. It was a butterscotch/caramel, chocolate and regular cheesecake. Yum.

Kayla had this apple pie…with the MOST whipped cream. She saw it and said “A dollop would have sufficed!” haha

Then the funniest moment was as we were paying…we all had matching debit cards! (Don’t worry….I blurred out our numbers!)

I sure do crave girl time. Though I’m making new friends at grad school, its just not the same as the girls you have known for years and share so much with. I love these ladies. We said we would plan to do this more often, and I sure do hope so! My heart is happy.

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