Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This weekend, me and three girlfriends went to Branson. This is Kayla (laying down), me, Hannah, and Beth. We had THE.BEST.TIME. So many laughs and memories. We got so many great deals too, as my mom has some business contacts in Branson. It was great!

One nice perk was seeing a show for cheap, so we chose the Haygoods. They are a group of 7 brothers and one sister that have performed in Branson for like 13 years. We remember seeing them at Silver Dollar City and falling in love years ago. So we went back to relive our teen years and scream for these cuties.
Michael was and still is our favorite Haygood. Hannah felt a connection and we had the best time just being silly and screaming for him and making jokes about him being Hannah’s soulmate. Then at intermission, she added him on Facebook, and right before he left town….he friended her! Eeek! We just screamed like giddy girls! ha!
The last act of the show was the brothers tap dancing. Ok, I am a married woman, but these guys were hot. They had on really nice dark jeans and tightish t-shirts, and they were tap dancing! Beth leaned over and said, “Tap dancing! Good God!” and then she leaned to me and said, “That is kind of sexy” and I said, “Understatement of the century!” Maybe I will make Tyler learn to tap dance! Ha! Yeah right…
This is Hannah with Michael. She is so beautiful, I wouldn’t be suprised if he fell in love with her instantly then and there. This pic will go in the wedding slideshow! ha!
All of us with Tim Haygood.
Then, we went on a traditional drive around down Branson. Music blaring, windows down, and lots of car dancing. This is Beth and Kayla during Britney Spears “Stronger” So fun! We caused quite the scene down the Branson strip.
The next day, we went to Silver Dollar City.
We rode rides….this was on Thunderation.
We ate our favorite “city food”….BBQ, skillet succotash, corn dogs, homemade potato chips, Dippin Dots, and Icees. We pigged out a little bit. We even went to the candy shop before we left and indulged in a little chocolate. I bought my fave- chocolate covered potato chips for all the girls to try! They are sooo good!

We relived some childhood memories and dipped candles in the candle factory too! We all remembered doing this as kids during trips to Silver Dollar City.
And we had to take a picture in the most photographed place in the city…the city jail. ha!
The trip was so fun! Much needed girl time and laughter and great memories! We want to go back in the fall and do our Christmas shopping and see the Haygoods again! 🙂 I love these ladies so much!


  1. Aw that looked like such a fun weekend! Everyone constantly raves about Branson… if only it wasn’t so far from the East Coast.

    PS… check out my blog, I left you an award!

  2. Wow this blog about Michael is so fun!! I’m glad you gals had a good time, he looks so handsome!

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